PTP 550, EPMP300 and ePMP 4.3.1 known issues

Known issues which may be relevant to you with the ePMP-AC-V4.3.1 released on 11 Mar 2019

ACG-5026 [PTP550] Low percentage of packet loss is seen when traffic is running through SFP interface

ACG-5310 [Force 300] PPPoE DL throughput degradation is detected on Force 300 SMs

ACG-5320 [ePMP 3000] ePMP 3000 AP becomes inaccessible using MAC-telnet after MTU size change

ACG-4987 ePMP GUI on Force 300 SM is not reachable after browser window is closed during SW Upgrade or Downgrade. Workaround: Device reboot via power cycle

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