Mikrotik Releases 6.47.6

What’s new in 6.47.6 (2020-Oct-21 10:41):

*) cap – fixed L2MTU path discovery;
*) crs3xx – fixed hardware offloaded LACP bonding on Ethernet interfaces for CRS354 devices;
*) crs3xx – fixed switch rules for CRS309 and CRS317 devices (introduced in v6.47.3);
*) defconf – fixed default configuration loading on RBmAP-2nD;
*) dhcpv4-client – fixed DHCP offer packet parsing with overload option present;
*) dhcpv6-server – properly save bindings when executing “make-static” command;
*) fetch – improved SSL handshake processing;
*) ike1 – allow using “my-id” parameter with XAuth;
*) leds – fixed LED type setting;
*) lora – expose “joinEui” un “devEui” values in the log;
*) lte – fixed multiple APN passthrough on R11e-4G;
*) lte – improved EARFCN reporting in 3G and LTE modes on Sierra modems;
*) lte – limit allowed APN count to 3 on R11e-LTE;
*) mpls – fixed duplicate “LabelRelease” message sending;
*) ospf – optimized LSA printing for smaller message sizes;
*) radius – added “Service-Type” attribute to Access-Request for IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP servers;
*) smips – reduced RouterOS main package size;
*) switch – fixed Ethernet padding for small packets;
*) user – improved WinBox and The Dude authenticated session handling;
*) vrrp – made “password” parameter sensitive;
*) w60g – general stability and performance improvements;
*) wireless – added support for US FCC UNII-2 and Canada country profiles for NetMetal series devices;
*) wireless – fixed incorrect wireless capability information in association response frames;

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