VXLAN terminology and what it means

VXLAN terminology and what it means

What are some of the various terminology used in VXLAN?

VNI/VNID: Virtual Network Identifier or VXLAN Network Identifier

Layer2 VNI carried in VXLAN bridged packets. VNI is configured per VLAN.

Layer3 VNI carried in VXLAN routed packets across VTEPs. One L3 VNI per tenant (VRF) Note: Tenant, VRF, L3VNI are sometimes used interchangeably

VTEP: VXLAN Tunnel End Point

Performs VXLAN encapsulation/decapsulation

NVE: Network Virtualization Edge

Logical representation of the VTEP

VXLAN Gateway

Device that forwards traffic between VXLANs

It could be both Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding.

Anycast Gateway

All VTEPs are configured with the same IP and MAC on a host facing SVI

Underlay Network: Provides the transport for VXLAN

VXLAN an us OSPF,ISIS,EIGRP, BGP, or Multicast routing

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