Are you a first time WISPAPALOOZA attendee?

If you are attending the annual WISPA event known as WISPAPALOOZA in Vegas this October as a first time attendee then you may want to check out this upcoming webinar.

You’re going to WISPAPALOOZA for the first time – five days of, well, a ton of fun, networking, education and opportunity. But unlike the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” the WISPAPALOOZA experience is just too good to leave there. So, how does a “newbie” get the most of the awesome event? Come hear WISPAPALOOZA veterans Jeremy H. Austin, Georgette Lopez-Aguado and Justin Wilson share some great tips, advice, and survival tactics in a WISPA Webinar, “WISPAPALOOZA 101: A Primer for 1st Time Attendees,” Thursday, October 3rd at 2pm ET.

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