The power of turning it around

The power of turning it around

One of the things we, as humans, deal with is the knee-jerk reaction to find why not in things.

Take the extra moment to think of a solution to the problem instead o shutting it down. Many times, this is because we are not thinking big enough. A great example of this is in the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) industry. Many technologies for delivering Internet access in the WISP industry require line of sight. This means trees are typically the reason a customer can’t get service. The average WISP simply says, “There is no way we can get you service,” and leaves it at that. The successful wisp says, “You would need a 100-foot tower over here to get you service.”

In the last sentence, the successful WISP has accomplished two things. The first is they have given the customer an option. Too many times, we assume such options are beyond the reach of the customer. Stop assuming that. Let the customer decide if it is or not. Secondly, it has left the customer with a positive spin on an unfortunate situation. Subconsciously, the customer has a positive view because you have given them a solution. This solution may not be within their reach, but you have given the customer the power to decide if it is or not. I have been surprised several times when a customer has had that 100-foot tower built.

We all hear the cliches.
“develop a can-do attitude.”
“positive attitudes make for positive results.”
“positivity makes for productivity.”

As much as I hate cliches, your approach to problems can be the deciding factor in the outcome. I find myself having to step back at times because I am jumping to the conclusion that it can’t be done or only be done a certain way.

in short, identify the problem but don’t dwell on it. Find the solution r multiple solutions. It may be out of your budget, out of reach due to other resources, or may not be feasible. However, you found solutions instead of giving up.

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