xISPs, especially WISPS, and their web-sites

xISPs, especially WISPS, and their web-sites

I wanted to take a few moments and talk about the WISP web-site.  This is an often neglected area of your business. This really should not be the case.  With all the talk of the younger generations not using the web, e-mail, and other things we “old-timers” are used to, the web is still one of the top resources for information. I will go into some things every web-site should have.

1. Contact information including your state.  I see too many websites that mention things like counties and towns but don’t mention the state anywhere on their site.  It’s like you expect all customers to be familiar with who you are.  Remember, your website is also an introduction to potential customers, many of them are finding you through search engines.  These may be folks who have just moved to the area or are contemplating a move to your coverage area.

2. Coverage areas which are just images of circles drawn on a map. While these are helpful for folks who have found the site, search engines can’t pick these up. If you use things like the towercoverage.com integration it helps.  But having a page with city/town names will really help with search engines picking you up.  Things like zip codes and state will also help narrow down search results.

3. SSL.  Google sends websites with SSL/HTTPS to the top of the list. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate for your domain and all subdomains. If you want to go the extra mile add them to the Google webmaster tools.  Bing has a similiar one.

4. Update your content.  A blog is the easiest way to update your content.  WordPress and others are easy to update and type in.  Company news, new service areas, and news can all go on the blog.  This helps increase search engine ratings.  The more specific your blog posts are the better.

5. Integrations. Integrate your blog with Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.  If you use WordPress as your blog you can push out updates to all these platforms from a single place. This saves time and simplifies your communications.

There is so much more you can do, but these are some of the hot button items.

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