A network analogy

As I was working on some other articles a simple analogy came to me. The folks who build roads are rarely the people who build houses. As such, the server folks who build the digital houses typically don’t build the access networks. For you old-timers, this would be the information superhighway.

So why is this important in the modern world? I know servers and can build networks you say. This is true. However, to be the best you have to pick own discipline. I have been in the network space for many years now. As time goes on I find myself more out of touch with the latest ways of doing virtualization, the fastest ram for servers, and even the best server technologies. When I do spin up servers I find myself doing a basic job at it. Does it work? In the scenarios, I build them in it does. Is it the best? No. There are server admins out there who can run laps around me and I am fine with that.

As the modern world becomes more and more complex we will see a curve in the current disciplines. Cisco and others have been talking about “network programmability” for a while now. However, those technologies are not there. there is more and more automation happening each day. Some of the automation depends on the time and budget of the company. Does your company have the time for their network admins to invest in automation as a priority? Some of the larger companies have an easier time answering yes to this. Others do not.

We will see more focused disciplines until we get on the backside of this curve. On the backside, we will see more complex operations handled either by automation or high-level admins. This leaves time for others to become more versed in other aspects of network and server management.

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