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Justin Wilson is an ISP veteran. With over 20 years in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) field. Justin has started and managed dial-up, wireless, cable, and fiber ISPs. Justin is Mikrotik, Cisco, and COMTRAIN certified to name just a few certifications. With a wide variety of ISP based skills, Justin brings a complete mix to the table. Justin has been a panelist and speaker at several Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISP) and Mikrotik conferences. He is a 2012 recipient of the Knights of the Black Tie. Justin is a regular participant in “The Brother’s WISP” podcast at http://www.thebrotherswisp.com

Justin is a founding member of MidWest-IX based in Indianapolis, IN. MidWest-IX utilizes a distributed exchange model to connect metro markets into a distributed exchange. MidWest-IX can be reached at http://www.midwest-ix.com

Justin is the CEO of MTIN.NET LLC, a consulting firm specializing in ISP and enterprise markets. MTIN offers Data Center services, bandwidth, hosting, and consulting services to network operators. MTIN is a vendor neutral consulting firm offering un-biased solutions.

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