Opinions on Versitron SG162147M switch?

Has anyone used one of these switches?

Their sales staff has been very helpful. I have not come across a switch manufacturer that has had no software updates to their product. I asked about firmware and software updates and they do not have any.

The switch itself looks very intriguing for the WISP market. It’s a small form-factor SFP and SFP+ switch. It appears ports 1-14 are 2 1 gig, and 15-16 are SFP+.

Feedback from anyone who has deployed one. I asked for a reduced price demo and they don’t have one.

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Radwin has announced a new interesting switch. Some highlights

» 540W total PoE budget
» 90Watt per PoE port
» 4x PoE up to 2.5G
» 2x combo ports up to 1G (PoE or SFP)
» 2x 1G SFP ports
» 2 x 10/1GbE uplink SFP + ports
» Dual DC power input (redundancy)
» HTTP/S web GUI and Telnet/SSH CLI for remote management
» Console port for local management

List price of $995. If anyone from Radwin is reading this how about a test unit for review?

Click to access IDU-S%20brochure%20-%20ENG-w.pdf