Don’t forget tower training and equipment

As you enter the winter in most of the United States, set aside some time to review your equipment status for your tower climbers. Are their harnesses in need of replacement due to age? What times were you always short of on tower sites this year? Carabiners? Bolt bags? Rope?

Contact Lee at to get your orders in. Supply chain issues are always a concern with anything these days, so get your orders in early

American Tower acquires Coresite

black server racks on a room

American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT) and CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE: COR) yesterday announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement through which American Tower will acquire CoreSite for $170 per share in cash.

Horvath Communications offers free tower co-lo

In an effort to alleviate the ramifications of COVID-19, Horvath Towers V will be offering free tower co-location to rural broadband service providers for a period of six months. 

“With so many families working and learning from home,” company President Jackie Horvath told Inside Towers, “the demand for wireless internet access has sky-rocketed. As such, we would like to partner with rural internet service providers to allow co-location on our tower assets on a temporary basis.”

Applications will be accepted between now and May 1. All inquiries are to be sent to As part of this program, the broadband provider will be responsible for the cost of installation and the equipment. The installation team must provide proper insurance before climbing the tower. has a map with a site list

Tower One Inc. 20% off sale

The folks over at Tower One Inc. have a 20% off sale going on.  Perfect time to inventory and checks those dates on your gear.  If you are a wisp you will probably have plenty of upgrades to do as a result of all of this increased network traffic. Make sure you have the proper gear and compliant gear.

Tower crews in the modern WISP

One of the questions we often are asked is why our rates for tower work are what they are. In today’s world, a tower crew needs the following, not only for themselves but to protect and do the best job for the client.

The first key is equipment.  Having a crew with proper ropes, proper lifting blocks, and pulleys, and proper safety gear goes a long way. A job can be done more efficiently with the proper tools.  In-Shape tools make a big difference. How many times have you gone to cut something with a dull blade? Tools get used up and have to be replaced.

Next up is safety and insurance.  I lump these into the same category because an insured crew is safe for the client.  Having the proper insurance protects the client from anything that may happen.  Tower work is dangerous work.  With insurance requirements comes updated training. Not only does this teach crews new methods of doing things, it helps them in becoming complacent in safety practices.

Availability is the next thing. Having a crew that can roll out in a timely manner to meet client’s needs takes a dedicated staff.  We see too many part-time crews not bringing in enough money so they are having to moonlight doing other things this lessens the availability because you have to find steady work to have quality people.

The last thing is the experience our crews have.  Having been a veteran of the WISP industry for over 12 years I have seen many ways of doing things, so Have the rest of the experienced folks in our crews. We have done night climbs, harsh weather work, and custom work.  Having someone who knows the WISP industry doing your tower work makes a huge difference.