Cambium networks on Mt. Everest

Ever since my dad and I went to a slideshow (yes I said slideshow) at a dinner years ago I have always been fascinated with Everest. I am not one to want to climb it.  But the lore and “behind the scenes” of climbing is pretty cool.

Many folks think the numbers of people at the Everest Basecamp are few and far between. The below photo from an article about Cambium equipment providing wireless to the folks at Basecamp shows the sheer numbers of climbers ascending Everest each year.

One of the most prolific things I remember in the slideshow was the presenter saying after he was on the summit of Mt. Everest.  After a few minutes of taking it all in, he had a realization.  “I didn’t have to climb this mountain, but I have to climb down!”

What Everest Basecamp is like:

5G now can even make weather forecasts less accurate

From the WTF files

On Capitol Hill Thursday, NOAA’s acting chief, Neil Jacobs, said that interference from 5G wireless phones could reduce the accuracy of forecasts by 30 percent. That’s equivalent, he said, to the quality of weather predictions four decades ago. “If you look back in time to see when our forecast scale was roughly 30 percent less than today, it was 1980,” Jacobs told the House Subcommittee on the Environment.


Podcast: Cameron Kilton from Alpha and I talk about LTE

Cameron Kilton from Alpha Wireless and i sit down at the 2019 Indiana ISP meeting and talk about LTE and Wireless operators.  Pardon the rough beginning. the room we were in had a flickering light that took me by surprise near the beginning and messed with my rhythm.

Cameron’s Twitter

Alpha Wireless

ePMP tip of the day

ePMP GPS Sync Radio devices that have an onboard GPS contain two banks of flash memory which each contain a version of software.

The version of software last installed onto the device flash memory (using software upgrade procedures) is configured in the Active Bank. This software will be used by the device when the device is rebooted.