Quick tidbit on Cambium GPS sync source

Synchronization source– Synchronization mode supports two types of timing sources: the timing signal provided by a Cambium Network’s Cluster Management Module (CMM) or by the AP’s own on-board GPS receiver. Both these sources require GPS Synchronization capable AP hardware and will allow APs to receive a stable timing signal to synchronize their own Tx/Rx cycles.

There is a third option for the Synchronization source, namely “internal”. This “Internal” Synchronization source option is NOT an actual synchronized timing source and when selected, it just provides timing from an internal unsynchronized source. “Internal” is NOT to be used in GPS Synchronized deployments but could be used with single PMP AP installations. The “Internal” timing source is also used when the Flexible DL/UL ratio option is selected.

NTP and NTS time synchronization

Awhile back I wrote a blog article about “Everything you wanted to know about NTP” on the MTIn blog.

Everything you wanted to know about NTP

Cloudflare has announced its NTS service, which is open to everyone. If you have an NTS client, point it at time.cloudflare.com:1234. Otherwise, point your NTP client at time.cloudflare.com. More details on configuration are available in the developer docs.

So what are the drawbacks? Right now there are very few NTS clients. Secondly, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.  If your networks rely on NTP, which most modern networks *SHOULD* be, then you are trusting someone else for a critical piece of your infrastructure.