VMware Fusion and MacOS Big Sur

While doing some work tonight I received an update notification from VMware Fusion, which I use to run Windows 10 inside Mac OS.

• Fusion 11 can not run on macOS 11 Big Sur because it depends on Kernel Extensions which can no longer be used on macOS 11. 

Never fear there is a new version with newer pricing. Ugh!!

Finally, with this new version of Fusion, VMware is also shaking up its pricing with a new Fusion 12 Player licensing structure that is free for personal use. Fusion 12 Player users who want to use the software for commercial use will be able to purchase a license for $149, with an upgrade license available for $89 to those currently running Fusion 10 or 11.

A professional-level Fusion 12 Pro offers some additional power-user features and allows you to run on up to three devices (including Windows or Linux PCs running VMware’s Workstation Pro), with pricing set at $199 for a new license or $99 as an upgrade. Discounted educational pricing will also be available for Fusion 12, although many students will also be able to take advantage of the free personal use license.

Users who purchased Fusion 11.5 or Fusion 11.5 Pro after June 15 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Fusion 12 Player (commercial license) or Fusion 12 Pro.


So why is the upgrade needed? Fusion 12 phases out VMWare’s use of kernel extensions by using new Apple APIs to support its containers and virtual machines.

Bad news? It is not available yet. https://blogs.vmware.com/teamfusion/2020/08/announcing-fusion-12-and-workstation-16.html

Wiping an ssd

For those of you who are getting more and more into ssd drives you probably have run across this. You have an ssd taken out of production, but you don’t want to destroy it. Maybe it’s a new drive with life left. Maybe you want to use it for a lab. How do you wipe it? SSDs have a limited write cycle so you don’t want to chew up drive life by a standard wipe. These typical involve writing to the disk multiple times. So what do you do?


As the days get shorter

As summer comes to a close here in Indiana and the daylight fades to dusk around 5PM I find myself with more time to devote back to the writings on this blog, the Youtube videos, Podcasts and editing of the videos I already have done.

Look for more content coming soon.

Minuteman missile Silo codes


Those in the U.S. that had been fitted with the devices, such as ones in the Minuteman Silos, were installed under the close scrutiny of Robert McNamara, JFK’s Secretary of Defence. However, The Strategic Air Command greatly resented McNamara’s presence and almost as soon as he left, the code to launch the missile’s, all 50 of them, was set to 00000000.

Patreon Posts

Thank you to all of you who have become Patreon members!!! I appreciate it I have started going back through all of my Patreon posts and tagging them with “patreon” so you can easily look at content you have access to. Sometimes this content is just a visio diagram or a photo. My goal is to give you enough content to keep you coming back.

The BrothersWisp Podcast

Finally had some time to contribute to another podcast I am a part of.


This week we talk about:
WISP Virtual Summit July 28th
Save Dave’s brain
RIP Ubiquiti Unifi Video – EOL 1/1/2021
Cloudflare DNS outage
David – Arduino, PHP programming, cycling and weight loss, new kid,
Wilson’s RPKI
Mike got some new hardware; a stent!
I’m done with my sales training – I’m a real boy