WISPAPALOOZA 2019 News and tidbits

WISPAPALOOZA 2019 is rapidly approaching October 14th-18th 2019.  I will be attending in several capacities.

FD-IX will have a booth with Athereal, Ascilis Telecom (booth 135).  Come by and say hi. We have some giveaways as well as a comfy spot for a chat.

I will be speaking and moderating a few panels.
I will be moderating
The Little Things
Wednesday – Oct 16, 2019
09:15 – 10:15am

I will be a speaker on

IPv6 – How and When?
Thursday – Oct 17, 2019
03:00 – 04:00pmHow to deploy IPv6 and when? (include ipv4 conservation here?

Some Vendors to check out

Acilis Telecom
Atheral– Atheral is building customer-centric white-label and wholesale cloud solutions for Internet Service Providers
Divi Networks
Towercoverage.com – Quickly Create RF Propagation Maps for Anywhere in the World!
ToweroneInc – Climbing and personal safety

CTI Connect
ISPSupplies – Distributor

ALG – High-performance antennas
Alpha Wireless – designs and manufactures antenna solutions
Cambium Networks – Wireless equipment manufacturer. ePMP, PMP, and other equipment.

Some things to do
Cambium Open House – Monday, October 14th


MacOS Catalina RIP 32-bit programs

As many of you, Mac users may know the new Mac OS version, codenamed “Catalina” has dropped support for 32-bit programs.  Some of the programs I use on a regular basis are listed below.  If they have an update I will note it, and if they do not I list an alternative.

Zterm – Terminal Emulator.  I now use Serial https://www.decisivetactics.com/products/serial/.
TFTP – https://www.decisivetactics.com/products/trivial/
Textwrangler – BBedit https://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.html
Dragthing – Icollections https://naarakstudio.com/icollections/

For Patreon Subscribers: Access to Mikrotik Speedtest servers

I am happy to announce a special new tier for my Patreon subscribers. I have now installed a network of speedtest servers in 15 locations in the United States and one overseas as part of stage 1. Patreon subscribers who subscribe to this extra tier of service will be presented with a members-only username and password for testing to each of these.

Stage two will be a looking glass so you can test how your BGP routes look in various spots on the Internet. You will know what Upstreams each location has to better assist you in diagnosing BGP or just getting a view of how your network interacts with the Internet.

Visit my Patreon Page for more details.

Are you a first time WISPAPALOOZA attendee?

If you are attending the annual WISPA event known as WISPAPALOOZA in Vegas this October as a first time attendee then you may want to check out this upcoming webinar.


You’re going to WISPAPALOOZA for the first time – five days of, well, a ton of fun, networking, education and opportunity. But unlike the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” the WISPAPALOOZA experience is just too good to leave there. So, how does a “newbie” get the most of the awesome event? Come hear WISPAPALOOZA veterans Jeremy H. Austin, Georgette Lopez-Aguado and Justin Wilson share some great tips, advice, and survival tactics in a WISPA Webinar, “WISPAPALOOZA 101: A Primer for 1st Time Attendees,” Thursday, October 3rd at 2pm ET.

Udemy Course of the week: Python

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FCC Fines AT&T $75,000 for CAFII communications


The FCC fined AT&T $75,000 and AMG Technology Investment Group $100,000 for holding prohibited communications during the agency’s CAF II auction last year.

The FCC said that Baker was “discussing AMG’s Auction 903 bids, its bidding strategies, and bidding results” in order to “secure discounts from AT&T.” However, the FCC did not provide details. The agency listed the fines under the “auction collusion” section of its website.

Equinix Customers – New Access requirements coming in October

For anyone with equipment inside Equinix facilities you need to complete a security profile. This goes into place in October. The below is from their e-mail.

Starting in October, we will provide more efficient access to Equinix IBX locations in a globally consistent process, from the front door of the IBX to your cage. To benefit from this new process as soon as it is available, take action now!

Please complete your Security Profile in the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) by providing the following information:

  • Add a Headshot Photo
  • Create a Global 6-digit PIN
  • Sign the Global IBX Access Form
  • Provide an Electronic Signature

Once your Security Profile is complete you will receive a unique QR code, which can be accessed via the ECP or the ECP mobile application. Beginning October 21st, you will be able to use your unique QR code at the IBX Access Kiosk for an expedited security entrance process.

Google voice to do away with voicemail-to-text

As reported on Cnet

Google will apparently be removing a Google Voice feature over carriers’ efforts to fight robocalls.

In a message shared on Twitter by journalist Brian Krebs, the company has seemingly begun alerting users that by the end of the week it will no longer support the “get voicemail by message” feature that automatically transcribes voicemails and texts them to your phone.

According to the email, Google says that “certain carriers are blocking the delivery of these messages because they are automated and, at times, contain transcripts resulted from unsolicited robocalls.”