Three Spacelink Satellites just floating

SpaceX has lost contact with three satellites in its new Starlink orbiting network, with the errant craft now destined to fall out of orbit and burn up in the atmosphere. 

Granted, they launched 60 satellites and only three have been lost so far. That is a 5% failure rate so far.

Udemy for the I.T. Professional

For those of you who are not familiar with, it is an online e-learning website.  what I like about is a couple of things.

  1. They have a mobile app that loads quite well.  If you are doing a certification course you can download and listen on the go.  Sure, the courses are video-enabled but if you are like me, I go through the courses a couple of times.
  2. The run a fair amount of sales, especially around holidays. You can get a course for as low as $9.

I am going to start a new series of posting a Udemy course each week for the Patreon folks.  this will be a hand-selected course I have either taken or have an interest in.

Mikrotik RouterOS 6.43 and older notes

For those of you running newer routerOS versions you should be aware of this.

Downgrading to any version prior to v6.43 (v6.42.12 and older) will clear all user passwords and allow password-less authentication. Please secure your router after downgrading.

I am not sure when this actually started as it shows up in the changelog of 6.45beta62. I am going to assume this starts at 6.45 once it’s released.

SouthWest ISP regional meetup July 12, 2019

This meeting is open to any and all Internet Service Providers in Texas, as well as anyone else willing to come to our Great State! You don’t have to be a WISPA member to attend. Come meet with fellow operators, see all the greatness of the Ericsson Headquarters, and hear topics from various knowledge experts.