Mikrotik 6.47.1 released

Mikrotik 6.47.1 released

Lots of things here. Some noteable things

What’s new in 6.47.1 (2020-Jul-08 12:34):

*) crs3xx – fixed HW offloading for netPower 15FR and netPower 16P devices (introduced in v6.47);
*) crs3xx – fixed increased CPU temperature for CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+ device (introduced in v6.47);
*) crs3xx – improved Ethernet port group traffic forwarding for CRS354 devices;
*) dhcpv6-server – disallow changing binding’s “prefix-pool”;
*) dhcpv6-server – improved stability when changing server for static bindings;
*) dns – do not allow setting “forward-to” same as “name” or “regex”;
*) dns – do not allow setting zero value IP addresses for “A” and “AAAA” records;
*) dns – do not use DoH for local queries when a server is specified;
*) ftp – fixed possible buffer overflow;
*) ike2 – fixed initiator child SA init without policy;
*) ike2 – fixed policy reference for pending acquire;
*) ike2 – retry RSA signature validation with deduced digest from certificate;
*) ipsec – do not update peer endpoints for generated policy entries (introduced in v6.47);
*) lora – added “spoof-gps” parameter for fake GPS coordinate sending;
*) lora – fixed JSON statistics inaccuracies;
*) lte – added support for MTS 8810FT;
*) lte – fixed modem initialization when multiple modems are used simultaneously;
*) lte – fixed PDP authentication configuration for SIM7600;
*) metarouter – fixed image importing (introduced in v6.46);
*) ospf – improved route tag processing for OSPFv3;
*) ppp – allow specifying pool name for “remote-ipv6-prefix-pool” parameter;
*) profile – fixed “unclassified” load reporting on PowerPC devices (introduced in v6.47);
*) qsfp – fixed auto-negotiation status;
*) qsfp – ignore FEC mode when set to fec91, only fec74 mode is supported (introduced in v6.47);
*) switch – fixed MAC address learning on switch-cpu port for Atheros8316, Atheros8227 and Atheros7240 switch chips;

Full change log at https://mikrotik.com/download

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