Network Routers are ….

Network Routers are ….

Network routers are a bit like vampires—they thrive in the dark and cool. When heat waves strike, they huddle in server rooms, longing for winter or a polar vortex to save the day. Anything to escape the blistering heat that threatens their efficiency.

Network routers are chill seekers. They yearn for the cool breeze, dream of Arctic temperatures, and fantasize about having their own AC units. In a world of scorching temperatures, routers pull out handheld fans, hoping for relief from the relentless heat.

Routers are social creatures; they love chatting with other routers, exchanging packets, and keeping the internet buzzing. But when things get too hot, they might just throw in the towel and call for a timeout. Overheating can lead to unexpected shutdowns, and that’s like leaving a party prematurely—definitely not cool.

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