Hulu and Geolocation issues solved

Hulu and Geolocation issues solved

Recently I received some IP space from Arin and every geolocation provider I tried came back with proper information.  However, when we went live with these IPs Hulu and others had issues with them.

When you have these issues the first place to go to is:

This link will answer many of the GeoLocaiton issues you may be experiencing.  By e-mailing ipadmin@hulu, as we suggest in the above link, I received the following back.

The IP location provider Hulu uses is Digital Envoy. Can you reach out to them and provide them with the correct geological information for that IP block. You can submit a request using the link below.

Digital element does not happen to have an easy contact form or information on their website.  I posted a message on the NANOG mailing list asking for help. I received direct contact at Digital element, which was from a e-mail.  I am awaiting a response back about how to handle these issues in the future.  The Digital Element web-site does not give much information on how to contact them for GeoIP issues.

If you want to read Arin’s response to GeoIp issues:

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