MikroTik Router as a Vultr host

Recently I spun up a Mikrotik instance under Vultr for the purpose of doing some v6 testing. I was running into some problems with getting IPV6 to route properly. Vultr has IPV6 setup on their side to auto configure a gateway, etc. when it comes to IPV6. They are expecting a host, not a router. Why is his a problem?

The RFC states that nodes that act as routers are NOT to use SLAAC for IPv6 address configuration. In other words, routers that derived their interface IPv6 address from SLAAC cannot act as routers on that segment. This is a pretty hard set in stone thing when it comes to the RFC.

So how do we get around this in this instance? Go to IPV6…settings and turn off IPV6 forward.

IPv6 will start working at this point. The catch is, you won’t see neither address nor default route anywhere. It’s there, but it’s hidden. If you try to ping some external address, it will work.

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