New Year’s resolutions for network engineers

Why not start out the new year with some changes? Here is my list of things I see which could help. You can easily do the following twelve things in the next twelve months.

  1. Take time for documentation. Set aside an afternoon a week to do documentation. Once caught up, don’t consider a project until the documentation is complete.
  2. Setup that lab you have always wanted, or re-vamp that aging lab.
  3. Clean out your e-mail box and apply filters to recurring emails. Your inbox is not a to-do list.
  4. Speaking of e-mail, segment your e-mail boxes. Backup alerts should go to backups@, and alert e-mails should go to alerts@ or noc@. Make it easy to categorize your e-mail. if this is not for you, apply tags and filters to categorize mail.
  5. Standardize your naming of devices, interfaces, and comments.
  6. De-clutter everything. More on this in a follow-up article.
  7. Enable 2Factor authentication on everything you can.
  8. If it’s not on your calendar, it will probably get missed.
  9. Make a point to attend at least one conference or local user group by May.
  10. Step up your cabling game
  11. Deploy IPV6 across your network if you have not already
  12. Buy a labeler and use it.
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