Using or local resolvers for ISPs

Using or local resolvers for ISPs

I recently uploaded a video to youtube talking about why ISPs should not be using external resolvers such as google’s to do resolving for their customers.  In this post, I am going to give you, The Patreon subscribers, more information on this topic.

Some clarification.  Running as your primary resolver is not an evil thing, it’s just not optimal.  Whenever I am managing a network I want to squeeze every last bit of performance I can out of it.  One way to do this is to run your own resolvers with root hints.

Let’s start with some links

Everything you ever wanted to know about root hints

Setting up Unbound

Do I setup forwarders or root hints?
Do root hints.  Bind will cache the lookups.  This way you are not dependent on another entities DNS servers

My upstream ISP has DNS servers. Should I use them?
This is better than nothing, but I would ask them where those servers are located.  It’s really not that hard to run your own.


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