Wireless ISP Network IP Scheme

Wireless ISP Network IP Scheme

For those of you starting out in the WISP field here is a good overview of a scalable Ip scheme for your WISP network. There are some caveats to this, which we will discuss later. This does not address IPV6, I have done some articles on IPv6 in the past that addresses IPV6.

Some benefits of this scheme
1.Logically separates equipment into groups.
2.Cookie-Cutter design. Fast time to depoyment
3.Easy to train on for techs and office

This following scheme uses private IP space for infrastructure. This scheme does not address end-user addressing. More on this in a later guide.

For each tower I route a /16 out of the IP space. For example my first tower is . Your first thought is that is alot of IP space. Yes it. However, it is private IP space and you can use as much as you want. The second thought is you can only use this scheme 255 times. Yes this is true. How many WISPs are growing beyond 255 towers. Most of the wisps I know are in the 100 tower sweet spot. There are larger and smaller wisps.

So lets break this down. We are using tower 1 as an example.

Wired Infrastrudture 
1-Not used due to default being VLAN 1 on most devices. Quarantine vlan

2- Power and UPSes

3- Switches and routers

5-9 reserved for  future uses

Backhaul Management VLANS 

10-19 – Backhaul 1 – BackHaul 2

Infrastructure Radio VLANS (tagged management) 

20-29 – 2GHZ equipment – First 2.4GHZ AP – Send 2.4GHZ AP – Third 2.4 GHZ AP Management

30-39 – 3GHZ Equipment – First 3GHZ AP

40-49 – RESERVED  

50-59 -5GHZ equipment 

60-69 – 60GHZ equipment 

70-79 – RESERVED  

80-89 – 80 GHZ 

90-99 – RESERVED possible IOT 

Customer VLANS (untagged) 

120-129 – 2GHZ equipment – Customer CPE on first 2.4GHZ AP

130-139 – 3GHZ Equipment 

140-149 – RESERVED 

150-159 -5GHZ equipment 

160-169 – 60GHZ equipment 

170-179 – RESERVED 

180-189 – 80 GHZ 

Point to Point customers 


So why so much IP space? It helps keep your routing table small.

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