Justin’s laws of running an ISP

Justin’s laws of running an ISP

Some of you may recognize these similar to Murphy’s laws of combat

1. 3am is when you find out your backups don't work

2.  Incoming ddos attacks have the right of way

3.  Don't look important, important people get asked tech support questions.

4.  There is always a way.

5.  The easy way requires money.

6.  Professionals are predictable, it's the amateurs that are 

7.  Things break when:

       a. When you're ready for them.
       b. When you're not ready for them.
       c. At 11Pm on friday night after your 6th whiskey sour
       d. 2 minutes before the door for your 4 hour flight closes

8.  If a meeting is going too well, wait for the 120 slide powerpoint.

9. If you can't remember the password, its something simple.

10. That hard drive failure you have been ignoring just crashed your san due to some bug

11. That temporary fix is still temporary 3 years later

12. If your coding session is going well, then your save will get corrupted.

13. "This will take just a second" never does.

14. Anything you do can get you hacked, including nothing.

15. Never share a server room with someone who eats garlic with every meal.

16. That one cable you need won't be in your kit.

17. It's always DNS, even when it's not..

18. When it's not DNS it's the network. But its really DNS. 

19. The software fix that will bring the network back up isn't available because your service contract expired.  

20. Your cell phone battery could be 100% charged but as soon as you dont have a charger it will drop to 1%

22. If a feature is useful, it will have to be changed.

23. If a feature is useless, it will be the only thing documented.
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