Tech Tip: New features Apple Mail for macOS Ventura

For those of you running Apple Mall under the new macOS Ventura (13) below are some of the new features.

Undo send. After you send an email, you have a few seconds to unsend it to make corrections or other changes. See Recall email with Undo Send.

Schedule with Send Later. You now have the option to schedule a time to send an email. See Write and send emails.

Remind me. If you don’t have time to respond to an email right away, you can set a time and date to receive a reminder and have the email moved back to the top of your inbox. See Use Remind Me to come back to emails later.

Follow-up. You can receive a notification to follow up on emails you’ve sent that have yet to receive a response. See Reply to, forward, or follow up on emails.

Missing recipients. If you forget to include recipients that you mention in an email, you receive a message before you send it asking if you want to add them.

Improved search. Smart search suggestions and corrections improve your searches and offer better content when you search in Mail. See Search for emails.

Filter your inbox with Focus. Specify Mail accounts that you can receive messages from when a Focus is on. See Use Focus filters in Mail.

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