Packets Down Range #20: Fixed wireless

Packets Down Range #20: Fixed wireless

This is a short one as I am traveling. I have started then next couple of Packets Down Range. These will be on time next week.

Company News
State of Illinois is hiring for an assistant Director, Illinois Office of Broadband.

Check out for P.E. certified BDC reports.

ISP News
Element 8 gathers $200 million for broadband expansion. Also, acquires AtLink.

Surf Internet begins construction on a 250-mile fiber network in Indiana.

•Fixed Wireless accounted for over 90% of the residential broadband growth in 2022. CBRS was a huge factor in this.

•Kwikom nearing fiber completion in Iola, Kansas.

Tech Topics

Securing DNS and DHCP

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

•Arista introduces their WAN routing.

Podcasts & Events
•WispaPalooza 2023 is October 9th-12th.

Photo of the Week

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