Packets Down Range #27: Summer is slowing down. tesla Data Centers, ISP news

Packets Down Range #27: Summer is slowing down. tesla Data Centers, ISP news

The smell of fall is in the air here in Central Indiana. As a result, the days are getting shorter. Less time for working outside and more time for working on the computer. If you find this newsletter helpful please subscribe. If you are feeling generous, consider becoming a Patreon. I have a $3 monthly tier that helps support this blog and newsletter. For the price of one bad gas station coffee, you can help support this site.

Data Center News

Is Liquid cooling coming to a Data Center near you soon?

Cyrus One to offer 300kW per rack

•Google to expand Ohio Data Center presence. Google announced that it is adding two more data centers in central Ohio: one in Columbus and one in Lancaster. With the New Albany location already open, this brings the number of Google data centers in Ohio to three.

•Cogent will soon have 45 new Data Centers.

Tesla to build Data Centers.

ISP News

•All Points Broadband awarded money for 5,845 unserved locations in Kentucky. The Kentucky Broadband Deployment Program has selected applications submitted by All Points Broadband to receive $21.5 million in grants to support the deployment of fiber broadband in Central Kentucky. Combined with All Points’ private investment and additional support from partnering counties, these grant funds support projects representing an additional 545 miles of fiber broadband infrastructure in Mercer, Woodford, and Shelby Counties. In total, the projects awarded today will connect 5,845 currently unserved and underserved homes and businesses with All Points’ world-class fiber broadband network.

Great Plains Communications expands to Omaha.

•Nextlink acquires EchoWireless in Indiana.

Gateway Fiber expands to Minnesota

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Tech Topics

Finding Duplicate IP Addresses on Arista Switches

Bye Bye Wordpad.

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

Podcasts & Events
The Brothers Wisp #180

WISPAPALOOZA October 9-12, 2023

New England Peering Forum Sptember 22, 2023

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