Packets Down Range #29:Google,Blu Broadband, L4S

Packets Down Range #29:Google,Blu Broadband, L4S

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I hope this edition finds you well and as stress-free as you can be for the holidays. In the networking world, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is fairly laid back. Data Centers scale down their work as do service provider networks. Folks are taking time off, and their customers are taking time off, so coordinating things can be challenging.

Data Center News

Quantum computing Corridor in northwest Indiana. Note: this site may requre a subscription if you visit it twice.

•Oracle computer to build out 100 new cloud data centers.

ISP News

•Google has a 20Gbs Wi-Fi7 plan for $250 a month. The service is being offered through Google’s GFiber Labs division, and is made possible by new Nokia 25G PONs (passive optical networks) installed as part of last-mile infrastructure upgrades.

LightStream to acquire Monon Telephone Company. Monon Telephone Company was founded in 1900 and has been family owned since 1921

Broadband funding in Kansas. A total of $5 million was awarded, and awardees will contribute an additional $6.6 million for total project costs of nearly $12 million.

•The cost of deploying broadband to Rural Alaska. Nuiqsut, a rural Alaska “oil” village with a population of 520, is about to get high-speed internet via fiber optic cable at a cost of $200,000 per household.

Cumberland Connect expands in Middle Tennessee. Cumberland Connect…. brings the bandwidth of a fiber internet network to more than 110,000 Middle Tennesseans outside Nashville’s urban core.

•Blu Broadband launches gigabit Internet in Okaloosa Island, FL.

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Tech Topics

•VMware to change their licensing model.

•Something fun to do during the cold months for us folk up north. Turn an old mac into a Steam Machine.

•Running WordPress? Check out WPScan to check for vulnreabilities.

Magic Packets and vulnerable firmware.

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

•IPV6 case Study: Cable Bahamas .

•L4S could make the web feel faster.

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