Packets Down Range #30:Lumen, Databank, and investments in networks

Packets Down Range #30:Lumen, Databank, and investments in networks

Greetings from the great frozen Tundra of Indiana. It was 21 degrees today, which has been a heatwave. In this issue, we have a lot of data center news. Lunmen shuts down their CDN, Databank expands, and some great tech topics.

Data Center News

DataBank expands in Utah.

•DigitalBridge announced a 6.4 Billion equity investment in Vantage Data Centers.

•Top 50 Biggest Data Center Markets

AI impacts Data Center capital expenditure.

ISP News

NortheastTe has acquired CP-TEL Holdings, Inc., a leading broadband provider in Northwest Louisiana.

•FCC prepares to shut down the Affordable Connectivity Program.

•Spectrum to phase out cable boxes. Spectrum, through its parent company Charter Communications, first announced plans to phase out the ubiquitous box in October, replacing it with a device called Xumo for new customers

South Carolina awards $112.3 million to eight broadband providers.

•BlueBird secures $285 million.

•Lumen to shut down their CDN.

Every technology should be considered in universal broadband access.

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Tech Topics

HPE to Acquire Juniper Networks. HPE will acquire Juniper in an all-cash transaction for $40.00 per share, representing an equity value of approximately $14 billion.

Broadband Funding Optimization Tool.

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

•Linux devices are under attack.

•Use Topolograph to visualize OSPF.

•Is Alexa going to become subscription-based? Amazon says it is possible in June.

•Starlink and John Deere solidify precision Ag Deal.

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