ISPs new years resolutions 2023 edition

If you are an ISP, you should do the following this year.

  1. Enable HTTPS on your website. I see many ISPs who do not have HTTPS enabled on your domains. The biggest reason to do this is so google will “crawl” your site.
  2. Apply for IP space from your local RIR. For North America, this is ARIN. It’s easier than you think and is still available.
  3. Have contact info on your website that is easy to get to.
  4. Mention your service areas in detail. I see too many companies not list the states they cover. If you cover a town called Washington, which one of the 88 “Washingtons” in the United States do you cover? Also, have text descriptions. Search engines are still a big deal.
  5. Automate your Social media and blog. Not everyone uses Facebook. Not everyone uses Twitter. Not everyone uses both. Some tools can instantly post updates to your social media from one platform. I use WordPress plugins on the blog to do this. An up-to-date web presence engages with potential customers and current customers.
  6. Update your contact info with critical resources. ARIN WHOIS comes to mind.
  7. Spin up your own DNS resolvers
  8. Rollout IPV6
  9. Cleanup your Monitoring
  10. Offer Voice, even if it’s just to businesses. This can open doors to broadband funding.
  11. Start collecting and categorizing data. Centralize log management, know who visits your website, what keywords they use, and network-related data are just a few things you should know.
  12. Create a centralized Management network to increase security and flexibility.

If you need help doing any of this, I have some time available on a consulting basis to help. Reach out to me here. I have a special going on for hours of time. These are extremely limited, though.

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