RouterOS 7 goes RC

What’s new in 7.1rc1 (2021-Aug-19 13:06):

!) added support for IPv6 NAT (CLI only);
!) added support for L2TPv3 (CLI only);
*) added “expired” user status with suggestion to change password (WinBox v3.29 required);
*) added bridge HW offload support for vlan-filtering on RTL8367 switch chip (RB4011, RB1100AHx4);
*) added password strength requirement settings;
*) added skin support for WinBox (WinBox v3.29 required);
*) fixed support for RIP (Routing Information Protocol);
*) improved general stability and performance;
*) other minor fixes and improvements;

RouterOS 7.0Beta4 released on Dec 6 2019

!) included all features and fixes from 6.46 version;
!) implemented completely new User Manager package;
*) dhcpv4-server – added “option-set” parameter for each “vendor-class-id”;
*) dhcpv4-server – added “radius-password’ parameter under “config” menu;
*) dhcpv6-client – allow reading passed options in script;
*) dhcpv6-relay – include client’s Link-Layer address in option 79;
*) interface – improved support for Intel, Mellanox and other generic network cards;
*) ipsec – fixed action=none policies;
*) ipv6 – added “disable-ipv6” parameter;
*) lte – added support for Quectel EC25-E;
*) lte – added support for Sierra Wireless MC7304;
*) lte – improved system stability when resetting modem;
*) package – fixed USB and CD-ROM installs;
*) ssh – improved key exchange algorithm support;
*) system – fixed port duplication on each system reboot;