Alata labs AP6 1.1g firmware released

Alata labs AP6 1.1g firmware released

Alata Labs released their 1.1g software for their Wi-Fi6 access points. You can check out some of my posts on the Alta Access Points if you are unfamiliar.

v1.1g Release Notes

  • Fix intermittent TX power reporting issues.
  • Fix intermittent issue where bandwidth modification caused beaconing on that band to stop.

v1.1f Release Notes

  • Resolved inconsistent mesh uplink reporting.
  • Resolved missing stats from certain SSIDs.

v1.1e Release Notes

  • Improve stability for devices that are not connected to an LLDP peer.

v1.1d Release Notes

  • Improve VLAN bridging between disparate VLANs, especially with non-native management VLAN configuration, and especially with IPv6 traffic.
  • Improve UNII-3 (~5.7 to ~5.8 GHz) short-range band support for ETSI regions.

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