Top Five Computer Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Top Five Computer Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Top Five Computer Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Do you wish you could be more productive at your computer? There’s good news! You can do some things that will allow you to get more done in less time.

You may be surprised at how simple these strategies are, how little some have to do with your computer, and how much they have to do with organization!

Here are the top five computer strategies to get more done in less time:

1. De-clutter. One of the most straightforward computer strategies is having a clean workspace. When most of us think of our computer, we think of the actual machine, but did you know that the space around your computer is as essential as the computer itself?

  • When you keep your computing space as tidy as possible, you can get more done because you won’t be distracted by stopping to “clear a path” as you work.
  • De-cluttering also means removing old software and files that take up too much space. You’ll be surprised how much speedier the machine will feel when you’ve cleared all the junk off your computer!

2. Run anti-virus software every day. Viruses can slow down your computer or worse. If your computer is unresponsive, you’ll lose precious time during your workday.

  • Running anti-virus software will help you ensure your computer is running at its very best so you don’t lose momentum by waiting for a document to open.
  • You’ll also prevent things like hard drive crashes and data loss. So run anti-virus software on your PC or get a Mac.

3. Organize. A little observed but very effective computer strategy is to organize your files and folders so that everything you need is within reach. This way, you can move seamlessly from one task to another without wasting time searching for files.

  • Put commonly used files in one place, such as your Documents folder. Also, use full filenames to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Use a search tool like Google Desktop on the PC or Spotlight on the Mac to easily find files not within reach.

4. Clean the desktop on your computer. Many people don’t give much thought to their desktop, and they may have dozens of unused icons and downloads just taking up space. Keep only the files, folders, and programs you need on your desktop.

  • Delete the icons you don’t use regularly so that you can find what you’re looking for quicker.

5. Learn the shortcuts. Set a goal to learn something new about the software tools you use the most. Plenty of options hidden in menus and keyboard shortcuts can save you time, energy, and sanity.

  • Print out a list of common shortcuts and keep it beside your computer for easy reference. Challenging yourself to learn these new tricks will make you faster and more productive.

These are all very simple computer strategies that will help you be more efficient and productive. When you incorporate even one of these strategies into your daily routine, you’ll find that you truly can get more done in less time.

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