Mikrotik RotuerOS 7.8RC1 is out

What’s new in 7.8rc1 (2023-Feb-08 20:03):

Changes in this release:

!) storage – added new “rose-storage” package support for extended disk management and monitoring functionality (ARM, ARM64, Tile and x86) (CLI only);
*) bridge – fixed DHCP packet flow when using DHCP snooping, HW offloading and “use-ip-firewall”;
*) bridge – fixed possible DHCP packet corruption when using DHCP snooping;
*) certificate – fixed certificate import (introduced in v7.8beta2);
*) console – added “as-string” parameter to the “:execute” command;
*) lte – improved stability for R11e-LTE6, skip connection reset on first EEMGINFO command timeout;
*) ovpn – improved server stability;
*) ovpn – improved TLS-related error logging;
*) route – show hoplimit and MTU properties under the “/routing route” menu for SLAAC routes;
*) ssh – improved system stability when processing none-crypto SSH connection;
*) switch – improved 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G interface stability for 98DX8208, 98DX8212, 98DX8332, 98DX3257, 98DX4310, 98DX8525, 98DX3255, 98PX1012 switches;
*) swos – removed “/system swos” menu for CRS5xx series switches;
*) vxlan – added “max-fdb-size” parameter;
*) wifiwave2 – fixed compatibility with third-party devices when using SAE hash-to-element authentication with DH groups 20 and 21;
*) wifiwave2 – fixed SAE authentication for interfaces in station mode when trying to connect to APs which require an anti-clogging token (introduced in RouterOS 7.4);

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