Packets Down Range #16:Peering, new signup forms, ISP acquisitions

Packets Down Range #16:Peering, new signup forms, ISP acquisitions

It’s been a busy week both here and on the Internet. the biggest news out of Packets Down Range (PDR) is I now have an e-mail signup plugin for WordPress. By signing up via e-mail, you will get notifications of new Packet Down Range newsletters. Those of you who signed up via the old form are getting all of my blog posts. I understand this can be much, especially with more posts coming soon. For those of you who still wish to follow all the posts on this blog, I have a couple of options. You can signup for a weekly digest, which sends you a weekly e-mail with a summary of the past week’s posts, or you can signup for instant notifications each time a post is published. All of this is outlined on the Subscriptions page.

As a result of all this email list work, I won’t have time for a Patreon post. I am busy preparing for NANOG next week.

On to the news..

Data Center News
Equinix has started using liquid-cooled servers in production.

•META says their servers will have a 5-year lifespan

Peering and Interconnection

125+ internet exchange points to be built across the United States

Jay Hanke has an article on Internet Exchange density. He also came up with this cool map of facilities listed on Peeringdb.

Backbone Provider News
•Virgina, as mentioned in a previous PDR, is trying to remove any barriers to Fiber expansion. This time they are tackling fiber railroad crossings.

Check out TowerOne Inc for all your tower and safe climbing needs. Tell them Packets Down Range sent you.

ISP News
Biddeford Internet Corp takes over ValleyNet in Maine.

•NTIA’s biased toward Fixed Wireless could cause a lot of money waste.

Nextlink acquires Bluestream in Nebraska

Indiana company Surf Internet expands fiber optic Internet to Churubusco, Indiana.

Cable company tries to claim coverage that is not there. Jefferson County Cable ultimately admitted to the FCC that it filed incorrect data and was required to submit a correction. The challenge that the ISP conceded was for an address on State Route 43 in Bergholz, Ohio. The town is not one of the coverage areas listed on Jefferson County Cable’s website.

Arvig completes the acquisition of ALP Utilities’ fiber network in Minnesota.

Comcast says 10Gig is available to 10 million homes by the end of February.

Rise broadband acquired by GI partners.

Tech Topics

eSim Devices are the new normal.

•How is Netflix pulling off the crackdown on password sharing?

Visit for peering and Internconnection.

Podcasts and Events
Voice of the Industry podcast #3 features Ilissa Miller.
In this episode, Nabeel and Phil are live from Hawaii at PTC’23 with industry veteran Ilissa Miller. Ilissa is CEO and Founder of iMiller Public Relations…

•Preseem announces their ISP virtual summit 2023

CHI-NOG #11 has been announced for May 11th, 2023.

•Nanog87 is next week in Atlanta. Look for many Nanog posts in the next issue and on the blog.

WISPAMERICA 2023 is in Lousiville March 6-9.

The Brothers WISP #177 is out. x86 vs ASIC

Photo of the Week

A before and after smokeping of a backhaul upgrade

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