Packets Down Range #13:Acquistions and other news

Packets Down Range #13:Acquistions and other news

One of the most incredible things this week is the updates to the cloud flare speed test. Lots of things were analyzed, with a lot of questions on why. I will have a blog post separately about this.


Visit for peering and Internconnection.

ISP News
WANRACK to acquire KwikCom. WANRack, LLC (“WANRack”), a national leader of custom fiber optic network deployments headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Iola, Kansas-based JMZ Corporation d/b/a KwiKom Communications (“KwiKom”). KwiKom builds and operates fiber optic and fixed wireless broadband networks that serve residential and business customers in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The two companies will continue operating under their respective brands following the acquisition.

ImOn to acquire FiberComm. ImOn Communications, LLC (“ImOn”), a leading provider of fiber broadband services in Eastern Iowa since 2007, announces today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire FiberComm, pending regulatory approvals. FiberComm has been providing high quality Internet and voice services to businesses in the Sioux City market for over 20 years.

Secruity concerns for Electic company networks as they get into broadband.

Other Industry News

•CloudFlare launches a speedtest.

UK article says net neutrality is failing everyone, basically.

ARIN has a route registry FAQ. If you participate in BGP you should be using an IRR.

Blue Star Innovation invests in Sonar. Blue Star Innovation Partners (“BSIP”), a growth focused investment firm that partners with leading software and payments companies, announced today their investment in Sonar Software, a leading provider of BSS & OSS solutions for Internet Service Providers.

•US Cellular companies having issues replacing Huawei and ZTE equipment.

A TOR user’s IP address was obtained by the FBI. This isn’t supposed to be possible.

PTC23 is happening.

•States are asking users to help sort out broadband mapping and coverage. My home state of Indiana is one. Nevada is another.

Technical Tidbits
•Has TCP outlived its usefulness in the Data Center?

•The flaws of Speedtests. This an excellent article you should read if you are an ISP.

•Are you in the Defense space? Cambium networks GDS.

BGP in 2022. One reason why APNIC Labs is interested in the behaviour of the routing system is that at its heart the routing system has no natural self-constraint. 

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