Packets Down Range #17:Cogent Wavelengths, earnings news, DDoS

Packets Down Range #17:Cogent Wavelengths, earnings news, DDoS

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Data Center News
•Illinois is following in the footsteps of Virginia, which we reported on in issue #14, by giving incentives to data center projects. The state hopes to attract 13 new projects with these incentives. The cost of electricity in Illinois is probably a contributing factor.

META cuts data center budget.

Company News
Arista reports fourth-quarter earnings.

Cisco’s fourth-quarter earnings.

Peering and Interconnection

Largest HTTP DDoS ever observed at 71 million requests per second (rps). Originating from multiple cloud providers, the DDoS attacks targeted the websites of cryptocurrency firms, cloud computing platforms, a gaming provider, and hosting providers.

Backbone Provider News
Cogent is now offering optical wavelength services. This resulted from Cogent acquiring T-mobile, which owned the old Sprint network.

Check out for P.E. certified BDC reports.

ISP News
T-Mobile had a bad day. According to sources and confirmed via an internal memo shown below, the “MR3” update for the device, with version number 1.2.74, has caused approximately 34,000 units to essentially brick themselves. The units are unable to connect to the network, and representatives are therefore unable to push any fixes to the unit.

Providing cellular to all the 2023 Super Bowl attendees. Wondering how much data was used by the various networks? WIA has an article on that very thing.

Small Cell deployment has stagnated for the time being.

WISPA publishes a paper saying BEAD will fall short. “Prioritizing fiber projects over other broadband technologies represents a significant departure from the sound regulatory principle of technological neutrality,” states Lehr.  This unreasonable bias “could increase costs by upwards of $30 to $60 billion depending on the distribution of fiber deployment costs for the unserved locations.”

Tech Topics

•Juggling multiple time zones? Nicole Nguyen has an article about some tools which may help.

Apple says a Zero Day Vulnerability could be alive in the wild. “Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited,” the company said.

•What are the top 10 best counties in the country (note* the list is behind a paywall) to be a remote worker in? Tippecanoe County, Indiana, which is two counties over me, made the list. Two other Indiana Counties made the list as well.

“The Wall Street Journal set out to put data and analysis behind how to identify great places to live if you have the option to work from home.” 

They developed a data-driven process to help identify what remote workers wanted the most when working from home.  This started with a custom survey rolled into a nationwide poll of 1,050 adults. Their method pulled data only from counties, not cities, in metropolitan statistical areas. Micropolitan areas were excluded in this study.   

It identified and weighted the factors remote workers wanted the most:
1.     Internet speed (30.3% of total score)
2.     Housing price (19.4%)
3.     Cost of living (8.3%)
4.     House size (8.1%)
5.     Broadband price (7.5%)
6.     Unemployment (6.9%)
7.     Airports (6.4%)
8.     Restaurants (6.2%)
9.     Arts (3.9%)
10.   Parks (3.1%)

The top 10 counties were: 
1.     Springfield MO (Greene)
2.     Joplin, MO (Jasper County)
3.     Evansville IN (Vanderburgh)
4.     Conway, AR (Faulkner)
5.     Lafayette, IN (Tippecanoe)
6.     Huntington WV (Cabell)
7.     Kansas City, KS (Wyandotte)
8.     St Louis, MO (St. Louis)
9.     Wichita, KS (Sedgwick)
10.   Fort Wayne, IN (Allen)

e-mail swarm due to a reply-all message hits the military.

Startup companies to watch in 2023, according to CNN. Many on the list are cloud and networking companies.

Find broadband projects in your state which have received public funding. If you are impatient, you can go directly to the list (link subject to change).

More holes and questions about the legitimacy of the FCC coverage maps.

Google Fiber expands to Westminster, Colorado.

•Caesars, MGM, and Penn National move to the Oracle Cloud.

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

Podcasts and Events
Connected America is coming up in Dallas March 29-30th.

•Preseem Season 1 Episode 15 is out.

Photo of the Week

Inside 1950 Stemmons in Dallas

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