What is the role of an eNodeB in LTE?

As the core element of the radio access network in the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network, the eNodeB (evolved Node B) is a key player. It is in charge of the following crucial tasks:

  1. Radio resource management includes assigning bandwidth, power, and time slots to the user equipment. This is the responsibility of the eNodeB. (UE).
  2. Radio Access Bearer (RAB) setup: This is used to carry user data, between the UE and the core network is done by the eNodeB.
  3. Mobility management: By keeping track of UEs’ whereabouts and guaranteeing a smooth transition between cells, the eNodeB aids in managing UE mobility.
  4. Ciphering and integrity protection: To provide secure communication, the eNodeB performs the ciphering and integrity protection of user data.
  5. Broadcast of system information: The eNodeB broadcasts the system information to the UEs, including the network configuration, cell parameters, and other relevant information.

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