Packets Down Range #18:Water cooling, fiber, and great rack!

Packets Down Range #18:Water cooling, fiber, and great rack!

Next week is WISPAMERICA2023 in Louisville Kentucky. I will be attending. Before then, I am going to try and squeeze in another PDR before the conference next week. If you have not signed up, please do so at this link.

Data Center News
•Google is getting in on the water cooling trend in their data centers.

•Are enterprise data centers outliving their usefulness?

•Jay Hanke talks about OSP entrances at their carrier hotels.

Databank issues 715 Million in secured notes. The new securitization notes with a fixed interest rate will pay down previously issued floating rate debt, reducing cash interest expense, as well as providing additional liquidity to DataBank’s balance sheet for investment in new data center capacity at existing data center campuses in Salt Lake City, Denver, Atlanta, and New York.

Company News
•Quantum Loophole expanding to Maryland.

Peering and Interconnection

Midwest peering summit 2023 is coming July 17th-18th 2023 in Iowa.

•Packet Clearing House (PCH) is live on the Djibouti Internet Exchange point.

Backbone Provider News
•Cogent expands to Stellium Data Centres in the UK

Check out for P.E. certified BDC reports.

ISP News
Starry files voluntary Chapter 11.

•David Theodore says fiber isn’t the be-all and end-all. So let’s stop the debate about fiber vs. wireless, like there’s a ? competition. Does a hammer compete with a screwdriver?! If you’re in the business, know your tools.

•Shentel fiber launches fiber in 6 greenfield markets this year. It appears Shentel is going all in on fiber. in Q3 of 2022, they sold their spectrum to an unnamed company.

•TDS is launching an MVO play this year.

Global telecoms Capex Tracker. The database provides a comprehensive tracker of telecoms capex, based on the top 10 service providers globally, by revenue. This tracker combines both a top-down and bottom-up approach, using both quantitative and qualitative data from service providers’ financial reporting, press releases, and presentations to inform our estimates of capex allocation. 

AT&T says fixed wireless will fail. “If you look at the amount of data consumed in the home, over time the experience is going to degrade,” he said. “When you start to factor in what is the service being offered at in the marketplace, what is the customer acquisition cost, what is the expected lifetime of that customer, it’s really hard to [get an] attractive return.”

•Monster Broadband sells to Point Broadband. Lynchburg times did an article on the change of ownership.

•Charter talks rural expansion.

•Wisconsin governor is asking the state to invest $750 Million in broadband over the next 10 years.

Tech Topics

•Mikrotik has a great video on their SolidRack 10. Great video intro! Direct product link here.

Cisco launches Meraki 5G gateways.

AWS helps telecoms with cloud-based tools.

•NineStar Connect hosts Technology Seminar Series. Join the Purdue cyberTAP team for some hands-on learning in their cyber range with an optional networking event after the first day!

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

•Interested in blockchain? Read about Base.

Hacking an old satellite. The US Air Force-backed capture the flag contest tasked teams with regaining control of a satellite captured by the enemy; the final challenge was to beam directions to a real satellite in orbit, ordering it to take a photo of the moon (a literal moonshot).

•Mikrotik newsletter #110 is out.

Podcasts and Events

The Brothers WISP #178. Cambium cnHeat Spotlight

Preseem S1E5. DeltaQ. AQM

Unlicensed podcast #29: 6GHZ

WISPAMERICA 2023 is next week.

Photo of the Week

1960s safety

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