Packets Down Range #24:broadband trends, frontier, reconnect program

Packets Down Range #24:broadband trends, frontier, reconnect program

It’s been a minute since I published a PDR. It is summer here in Indiana and I have been hard at work on a pole barn at the house. I also had a keyboard failure on my 2019 Macbook pro. Even an external keyboard was a PITA due to sticking keys. I was doing the bare minimum I could. Now I am back in action with a new M2 16″ MacBook. Thoughts on that coming in a blog post soon. Be sure to donate and subscribe so I can pay this MacBook off.

Data Center News

Ontairo Teachers Pension plan to acquire Compass Data Centers. I know this is in Canada, so any thoughts from neighbors up north. Is the Pension plan treating this as a direct investment, like they would buy a stock?

ISP News

First Quarter Broadband trends. Great Data for ISPs here.

•123 Net in Michigan adds routes.

•Frontier officially says it will do away with the copper plant.

•ReConnect Program Awards $714 Million. 142 Projects are funded across 19 states. You can skip to the full list here. Most are telephone companies.

Small ISPs and Digital Equity. This week on the podcast, Christopher is joined by Angela Siefer (Executive Director, National Digital Inclusion Alliance) and Matt Larsen (CEO, Vistabeam) to talk about connecting the unconnected and doing digital equity work as a small Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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Tech Topics

Jiles McCoy talks Alta Labs.

Visit for peering and Interconnection.

Podcasts & Events
Mountain Connect 2023 is August 7-9, 2023

Video of the Week

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