PDR #28: Nextlink, Chicago data center expansion, Wisper

PDR #28: Nextlink, Chicago data center expansion, Wisper

In this 28th Issue of Packets Down Range
Nextlink acquires Indiana-based Echo wireless
Cisco Acquires Sam Knows
T-mobile gobbling up spectrum
and more…

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Data Center News

• The Chicago Data Center marker is growing even more.

Google to expand to Kansas City.

•More news out of the Chicagoland area. Meta plans a new Data Center for Rosemount.

ISP News

T-Mobile plans to buy 600MHz from Comcast. T-Mobile is buying airwaves from Comcast in a deal valued at up to $3.3 billion. T-Mobile is also working with Charter for Spectrum In the 42GHz band.

Cisco acquires Sam Knows.

•WISPER reacquires the interest it sold to Cable One in 2020.

•Broadband equipment spending fell 3% in Q2 2023.

•Great Plains Communications expands in Southern Indiana.

Nextlink acquires Echo Wireless.

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Tech Topics

Lightwave Fabrics: At-Scale Optical Circuit Switching for Datacenter and Machine Learning Systems. We describe our experience developing what we believe to be the world’s first large-scale production deployments of lightwave fabrics used for both datacenter networking and machine-learning (ML) applications.

•IPV6 adoption has fallen for some networks, according to this report.

Visit www.fd-ix.com for peering and Interconnection.

Podcasts & Events
The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast

WISPAPALOOZA October 9-12, 2023

Bufferbloat & Lag – Why Framing Matters

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