Packets Down Range #12: Arista, Nanog, Frontier

2023 is here and in full swing. One of the biggest things to remember years ago was to remember to write the new year when you dated checks. How times have changed. Those few checks that are written are automated these days. I know there are checkwriters out there, but that practice is slowly dwindling.

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Data Center & Cloud News

Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2022 according to Datacenterfrontier.com

Interconnection News
Everstream has an updated map of its network.

Nanog 87 is coming to Atlanta.

Visit www.fd-ix.com for peering and Internconnection.

ISP News
England has Mandated all new homes must have gigabit Internet Available. Do you think this is overreach or on target?

AT&T goes into cost-cutting mode. Pascal Desroches, CFO at AT&T, laid out the company’s financial strategy very clearly at yesterday’s Citi 2023 Communications, Media & Entertainment Conference. He said the playbook “is very boring but very important: drive earnings growth, pay an attractive dividend and strengthen our balance sheet.”

Frontier sets record in Q4 2022. Frontier (NASDAQ: FYBR) reported that it added 75,000 fiber broadband customers in the fourth quarter of 2022, a new record for the company.

Wisper Internet Celebrates 20 years.

•The FCC extends comments on the new broadband labels. After adopting rules for broadband labels late last year, the FCC is now extending the comment window on its further notice of proposed rulemaking for the labels until March 16, 2023.

Podcasts & Blogs

Preseem S1 Episode 4 is now out.

Network Break 412 from PacketPushers

Other Industry News

•We have mentioned WIFI7 in the past. EnGenius is talking more about its strategy.

Arista has posted some validated configurations for their products. More manufacturers should do this in a similar manner.

411 is being sunsetted for many. This is not surprising. Texting and data have surpassed phone calls for gaining information.

Google Stadia is set to shut down on January 18th.

FastnetMon has an article on BGP communities

A cool video on installing ducts and vaults.

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Packets Down Range #11:Retro NSA, Colorado, Nvidia

2022 has come and gone. Welcome, 2023! As, with any other year, not much news this time of year from the connectivity world. Submit any news here.

Data Center & Cloud News

•Some retro news on the country’s largest “spy center“. This article has some interesting tidbits on a data center the NSA constructed in 2013.

•Iron Mountain gives us a 360 video tour of their AZP-1 facility outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

•Google puts the pause button on their Becker, Minnesota Data Center along with other Data Center expansions.

•Looking for your fix of Data Center photos? Data Center Frontier is on Instagram. You can also check out my own Instagram feed, which often has networking-related photos.

Nvidia is doing great in the Data Center Space. Intel Makes their own moves.

Visit www.fd-ix.com for peering and Internconnection.

ISP News
Sonar has a post on using their Billing software to fight inflation”. While this is skewed toward their software, it has some good points for ISPs.

AltaFiber coming to Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Colorado passes a law that excludes local governments from entering the broadband market.
Artticle #2: The municipal broadband movement got a boost in Colorado as residents in 26 cities and towns and 17 counties voted to overturn a law that limited local communities from building a broadband business even in areas where incumbent telcos and cable operators have refused to upgrade facilities.

KWIKOM expands Kansas footprint.

Podcasts & Blogs

•Tony Mattke over at RouterJockey has an article on AI and Machine learning in InfoSec.

TheNetworkBerg has a video on ZeroTier

•Could AAPanel be an alternative to Virtualmin? Willie Howe has a video on aaPanel.

Other Industry News

•The workforce attitude toward working from anywhere is changing.

HTTP thirty years later. At over thirty years old, HTTP is still the foundation of the web and one of the Internet’s most popular protocols—not just for browsing, watching videos and listening to music, but also for apps, machine-to-machine communication, and even as a basis for building other protocols, forming what some refer to as a “second waist” in the classic Internet hourglass diagram.

Netflix’s new studio is a 300-acre previous Army Base in New Jersey.

•The FBI’s Infragard network has been hacked.

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Packets Down Range #10:Youtube, NFL, Comcast and more

A small milestone, issue #10. The weather outside is quite frightening. The wind chill is -37 here in Indiana. I want to extend a Happy Holidays greeting to everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Perfect time to catch up on documentation and the newsletter. Submit any news here.

Data Center & Cloud News

•Meta believes AI is the future of the Data Center.

Interconnection & Peering

Zayo lights up more 400Gig Links.

Quantum Loophole has been expanding rapidly. Check out their LinkedIn for lots of cool photos.

ISP News
Brookfield Wisconsin WISPA event January 27th, 2023

•Some Comcast accounts hacked in 2FA by-pass attacks.

13 More states grab NTIA BEAD grants. California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Vermont and Wyoming were among this week’s awardees

FCC has received thousands of challenges to data on the broadband map.

Five takeaways from Senate broadband hearings

Podcasts & Videos

Preseem E1S4 is out

Other Industry News

•Another cloud breach, this time it involves Uber.

Fastnetmon has an integration with Cloudflare

BEAD and Wireless Delivery. Today, leading organizations representing the wireless industry sent letters to broadband offices in all US states and territories, urging them to allow for maximum flexibility in choosing the right mix of broadband technologies to meet their policy goals with Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) funds.

Nokia unveils 25GPon.

Youtube to get NFL Sunday Ticket

CloudFlare releases DNS record comments

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A funny I found

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Packets Down Range #9:Lumen, Cloud, 800GB switches. Sponsors needed

Welcome to issue #9 of Packets Down Range. I am a little behind because a deer decided to jump in front of my car on a recent trip to Texas. There wasn’t much damage, but almost all the airbags were deployed, which caused the car to be a total loss. As a result, I am behind and need those sponsorships. :-). Submit any news here.

Data Center & Cloud News

Comcast expands to H5 Albuquerque

The big cloud names score a combined $9 Billion dollar deal with the Pentagon. The Pentagon said Wednesday that AmazonGoogleMicrosoft and Oracle received a cloud-computing contract that can reach as high as $9 billion total through 2028.

Andrew Power named new CEO of Digital Realty.

•As reported earlier on this blog, Netrality finished the acquisition of the operations of 733 Henry in Indianapolis.

Interconnection & Peering

Lumen looks to add 6 million miles of new fiber by 2026. Lumen’s work will focus on its backbone network rather than its metro or residential assets. CTO Andrew Dugan told Fierce its newly announced target is part of a nationwide upgrade project Lumen has been chipping away at for the past five years or so.

INEX reaches the 1TB of traffic mark.

ISP News
•Great Plains expands Nebraska fiber footprint

Bluebird acquires Missouri Telecom’s Middle mile network assets. This strategic acquisition of MTI’s network assets will expand and strengthen Bluebird’s existing fiber network throughout Southwest Missouri and is part of the company’s overall growth strategy across the Midwestern United States. 

•Do you have your 6GHz OET experimental license? Cambium talks about their ePMP 4600. In the article, they have a guide on obtaining your 6GHZ OET.

Podcasts & Videos

•Wireless Myth Busters Episode 2. The myth we’re busting in this episode: “With federal funding abound, why not all fiber, all the time” Come along to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska where we join Vistabeam to see how they’re leveraging Cambium Networks product line to wirelessly deliver connnectivity to their customers across 40,000 square miles through out Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska.

The BrothersWisp episode #175. Installer Tools

•Came across this great Youtube channel called Lifetechfacts

LTE signals with Mikrotik.

Other Industry News

•For those of you using ARIN Reg-RWS API keys, you have some changes coming

Arista offers 800Gbps connections on two models of their data center switches.

BBSes are still alive and well.

Payphones are also alive and well in Philadelphia.

Exploit Database has an update.

•Tom’s guide reviews the Vilo VLWF01

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Packets Down Range #8:Water in the data center, Comcast fees, Starlink speeds

Welcome to issue #8 of Packets Down Range. I am making haste in order to get on the road to Texas for some work. It will be nice to go from 31-degree weather in Indiana to 70s in Texas, even though some of it will be spent inside a data center at night. News has been a little light due to new items

Data Center News

AWS says it will be water positive by 2030. As part of the “water+” initiative, Amazon Web Services shared the Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) for its data centers, and said it will report annually on its WUE, new water reuse and recycling efforts, as well as new activities to reduce water consumption in its facilities.

Edge deployments starting to accelerate. SBA towers and others are pushing this trend.

Meta plans to go Liquid

Interconnection & Peering

Omni Fiber acquires Ohio Telecom Inc. Omni Fiber, a Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) provider committed to bringing high-speed Internet access to underserved markets in the Midwest has acquired Port Clinton based Ohio Telecom, Inc. to accelerate growth.

Comcast Business expands into H5 Albuquerque

ISP News
•$224 Million in high-speed broadband grants for Tribal lands in the United States

•Starlink speeds appear to be dropping.

785,000 TV cable subscribers lost in Q3 of 2022. Mainly attributied to “cord cutters”

More Comcast fees.

Podcasts & Videos
The Brothers WISP #169 is out

•WIlle Howe’s Latest Video

Other Industry News
25 Days of ARIN. Follow them on Twitter for fun facts and figures. #25DaysOfARIN

FCC’s new rules for Affordable Connectivity Progam

•As reported in a previous edition, Broadband “Nutrition label” is now required.

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Quick home VPN using Mikrotik and an existing router

I had a situation today where we had an office worker needing to work from home.  This user had a Housefull of devices and a router managed by the Fiber to the home provider. This user had devices attached to the wifi on the provider router and such.  Normally I would want to replace this router, but it would be an undertaking.

For this setup, we used a Mikrotik MAP lite.

My quick solution was to have the user install the Mikrotik mAP as an ethernet device off of the provider’s router.  We then established a VPN tunnel from this device to the ISP’s network they work for.


We then added routes in the Mikrotik to the 3 networks they needed to access across the L2tp tunnel.  This user runs the Dude and Winbox. Once the tunnel was established we had two issues to overcome.

1. You have to add a nat rule in order for traffic behind the Mikrotik to reach the devices on the other side of the tunnel.  I simply added a nat rule that looks like this:

add action=masquerade chain=srcnat out-interface=all-ppp src-address=\

We could have done this in a few different ways, but remember this was a quick setup.

2. I needed the laptop they were working on the be able to route the three prefixes to the Mikrotik, thus going out the VPN.  In our setup, the laptop only has 2 default gateways.  It does not know any other routing info.

I created a bash script with the following in it. In short, you add the text below into a notepad file and save it with the extension of .bat.

route ADD MASK
route ADD MASK
route ADD MASK

If you need help on creating a bash script

Once I had the file, which I simply saved into the Dude folder on the desktop, I created a shortcut on the desktop.  You will want to right-click on the shortcut and do the following.

It is important to note you are only able to do this on a shortcut in Windows, not the actual file itself.  No idea why. The script is important because this user brings the laptop back and forth.  I did not want to create persistent routes on the computer because the office network is different.  If you do not do persistent routes they will be after a reboot.  This way the user double clicks on the script shortcut when they login to the computer and before firing up the dude.

There are many other ways to accomplish this.  This was one of the quickest and less-impacting to the user and fewer things to support. One of the downsides to this setup is the user maintains two physical connections to two physical routers.  In this instance, the user could hardwire into the Mikrotik and maintain a wireless connection to the FIOS router.

If given more time you could have the laptop wired into the Mikoritk as your desk and have the wireless on the Mikrotik become a wireless client back to the FIOS router. This would make the setup a little more mobile.

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