/127s for IPv6 Point -To-Point links

/127’s for point-to-point links (RFC 6164) instead of /64’s https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc6164 [RFC4291] specifies that interface IDs for all unicast addresses, except those that start with the binary value 000, are required to be 64 bits long and to be constructed in …

Some random IpV6 tools

http://www.subnetonline.com/pages/ipv6-network-tools/online-ipv6-ping.phpIPV6 Ping tool http://www.subnetonline.com/pages/subnet-calculators/ipv6-subnet-calculator.phpIPV6 Subnet Calculator

Great Job Jotform

After successfully logging into Jotform today, I received the below email. Way to go, Jotform, for successfully deploying IPv6. More companies should do this. #win #kudos