Yet another case for IPv6 for service providers

So recently I have been posting about the Cambium Networks QOE box I have been testing. After having this run for about a week I figured I would share this tidbit about usage. 55.39% of my traffic is IPV6 traffic. Most of this would be streaming traffic to various folks like NetFlix and Amazon and gaming traffic. My household consists of three people. No kids. Implement IPV6 now if you are a service provider and thank me later. #packetsdownrange

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A Longitudinal View of Netflix

This came across the NANOG mail list. A Longitudinal View of Netflix: Content Delivery over IPv6 and Content Cache Deployments paper: Some highlights Caches reachable within 6 IP hops and 20 ms-IP path lengths shorter by 40–50%-Latency lower by 64%-Throughput higher by factor of three-Latency benefits more pronounced over IPv4 compared with IPv6 Latency and IP path lengths similar between both address families⇒ High IPv6 preference, however, slight drops during peak hours

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