Packets Down Range: Oct 14

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Packets Down Range (PDR). This newsletter will aim to gather the important news facing the Service Provider space. We will cover data center News, Backbone providers, peering, and general ISP news.

Let’s get into it

Data Center News
Equinix no longer provides copper and multi-mode cross-connects
I have seen the trend go to single-mode cabling more and more over the past several years. With 10 GIG rapidly becoming the minimum handoff on many circuits, this comes as no surprise.

Backbone Provider News
Cogent to hold 3rd Quarter Conference Call Nov 3, 2022

FD-IX 7 States 29 Data Centers. Peering, Interconnection, Data Centers. Visit

ISP News
Nextlink to deploy Nokia solutions in 12 US States

South Dakota Denies LTD Broadband etc designation
The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday decided to close the docket on LTD Broadband. The Minnesota company has been seeking designation by the state commission as an eligible telecommunications carrier so that it could receive federal funding.

Verizon Expands Low-income FWA
As part of its ongoing mission to help ensure equal and affordable access to internet for all, Verizon today announced select 5G Home and LTE Home Internet services are available for free to qualifying households through the new Verizon Forward Program. Now, qualified customers can take advantage of fast, reliable Verizon Home Internet via 5G Home, LTE Home or Fios at no cost.

Is DOCSIS 4.0 the answer to competing with FTTH?
With all the attention on Fiber to the Home, what about Cable? Can DOCSIS 4.0 bring cable companies up to par with fiber deployments?

Fixed Wireless News

Word is Tarana Wireless is coming out with an update for their 3GHZ product in the next 30 days.

Other Industry News
Netflix announces cheaper tier

Facebook Data Breach
Meta found over 400 apps created for both Android and Apple devices that were disguised as photo editing, games, and features like a flashlight app. Instead, the apps were used to steal login names and passwords when they asked users to sign in via Facebook, it announced in a release on Friday.

Calix price target Increased
With all the broadband expansion this is not surprising.

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