Podcast: Equinix, T-Mobile, IRS

Equinix publishes their global interconnection Index report.

T-Mobile expands residential LTE broadband
interesting to note there are “no data caps” however, During congestion, Home Internet customers may notice speeds lower than other customers due to data prioritization. 

Geek out on 100 GIG AWS networking

IRS under investigation

IRS Under Investigation For Illegally Tracking Americans via Their Phones

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Equinix Customers – New Access requirements coming in October

For anyone with equipment inside Equinix facilities you need to complete a security profile. This goes into place in October. The below is from their e-mail.

Starting in October, we will provide more efficient access to Equinix IBX locations in a globally consistent process, from the front door of the IBX to your cage. To benefit from this new process as soon as it is available, take action now!

Please complete your Security Profile in the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) by providing the following information:

  • Add a Headshot Photo
  • Create a Global 6-digit PIN
  • Sign the Global IBX Access Form
  • Provide an Electronic Signature

Once your Security Profile is complete you will receive a unique QR code, which can be accessed via the ECP or the ECP mobile application. Beginning October 21st, you will be able to use your unique QR code at the IBX Access Kiosk for an expedited security entrance process.