Packets Down Range #15: Data Center builds, broadband funding continues, e-mail

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Data Center News
•Data Center Frontier talks about the eight Data Center trends for 2023.

•Microsoft to build a new Data Center in Des Moines.

•Does how a data center looks influence your decision to buy? Wes Swenson of Novva Data Centers says it does.

•Green, a Swiss Data Center operator, launches a new data center campus in Zurich.

Vantage Data Centers to build a 430,000-square-foot Data Center in London. In addition to the development of its London campus, Vantage has completed the first phase (12MW) of a second 40MW facility at its growing Cardiff campus, located in Wales, the second largest data center market in the U.K. The new facility boasts one of the lowest power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratios across all of Vantage’s facilities thanks in part to its extremely energy efficient indirect evaporative free cooling system, which negates the need for compressors in the cooling cycle.

Backbone Provider News
Lumen expands 400G footprint.

Cloud Front
•Otava is in the running for the 2022-2023 cloud awards.

Office 365 outage last week caused by a router IP change. Following this incident, Microsoft says that it’s now blocking highly impactful commands from being executed and that it will also require all command execution to follow guidelines for safe configuration changes.

Check out TowerOne Inc for all your tower and safe climbing needs. Tell them Packets Down Range sent you.

ISP News
Texas gets $363 million in Federal Grants for high-speed internet. The funds, administered through the federal Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, will bring much-needed service to about 152,000 locations across the state. The BOOT program will begin accepting applications for broadband expansion projects in spring 2023.

T-Mobile should stop using “fast” and “reliable when it comes to their Fixed Wireless. Rival Comcast has brought a complaint so take this with a grain of salt.

Fixed Wireless companies fight to be included in the BEAD program. In recent months, representatives from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) and member companies like Tarana Wireless have held meetings with staff at NTIA to discuss their concerns and provide evidence that fixed wireless over unlicensed spectrum is as reliable as other technologies approved for BEAD funds.

UPN expands to Lawrence, Kansas.

Challenges of Rural broadband.

New Farm Bill aimed to help broadband access. This seems heavily lobbied and aimed toward helping the rural electric co-ops.

•In a Captain Obvious moment. AT&T has a lot of useless landlines. And guess what? It is expensive!

•In previous PDR’s I have talked about layoffs. AT&T and Verizon cut a combined 9,400 employees last quarter alone.

Tech Topics

DNS Tunneling Threats The goal of this hunt is to review DNS logs to baseline common domains queried by endpoints in the environment as well as identify potentially infected endpoints by looking for evidence of DNS tunneling,rogue communication, or data exfiltration, over DNS channels, domain generation algorithm (DGA) domains, and traffic to risky top level domains (TLDs

Cloudflare overtakes Apache and Nginx as the top web server.

•A couple of e-mail-related bits from ISIPP. Four states now have e-mail opt-in and privacy laws. Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah are among a growing number of states looking to crack down on e-mail privacy and data collection issues. Google ends its Verified Sender Pilot Program for political plans

•Are you going to Nanog87? I am. To catch a great topic, check out Exploring the Fundamentals of DNS by Eddy Winstead.

Visit for peering and Internconnection.

Photo of the Week

New Data Center switches in a rack

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j2 Podcast: Network cabling, WISPER gets funding


Comcast launches wifi6 routers

Want some good geek reading?

The folks over at WISPER have some good news coming their way

USDA to Make 550 Million available in 2020

<Your competitors are probably applying for funding, so you should to.  Lean on your local economic development folks on help in writing proposals and such.>

Mobile Users double since 2013
The percentage of respondents who said their primary online access devices is mobile has effectively doubled since 2013, and many of those are using mobile as a substitute, rather than a complement, to wired broadband service.


Podcast: John, Ivan and I talk WISP finances

I sit down with John Scrivner from LiveOak Bank and Ivan Crowe from Ritalia funding and discuss topics related to WISP funding. We talk about leasing, lending and the pitfalls WISPs run into when it comes to financing.

John Scrivner
Office 910-550-1407 X1345
Cell  618-237-2387

Ivan Crowe

#packetsdownrange #wisp #funding #leasing

j2 Briefing: FCC news, Microsoft whitespace, polls

The j2 Podcast for August 29, 2019

Microsoft is pushing it’s Whitespace product as a solution to the Digital divide. This has been branded “Airband”

The commission unanimously voted to distribute more than $20 billion of Universal Service Fund subsidies over the next decade as part of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. It also adopted a long-awaited proposal to get more detailed information from broadband providers about where they offer service in order to improve the agency’s coverage maps.  <let’s hope this revamps the form 477 reportin>

iOt is showing it’s age
Amazon is killing off the gimicky Dash buttons.

Verizon turns up 5G

In the ever-changing 5g race Verizon turns up 5G in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington DC

New poll says the Internet is more important than Air conditioning while on vacation

Mobile Users double since 2013
The percentage of respondents who said their primary online access devices is mobile has effectively doubled since 2013, and many of those are using mobile as a substitute, rather than a complement, to wired broadband service.


NTIA launches Funding web-site

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration released a searchable database of 50 federal broadband programs. They span a dozen federal agencies with billions of dollars for broadband grants, loans and other resources. Participating federal agencies helped create the database. It fulfills a goal set out in the American Broadband Initiative announced in February to make it easier for community leaders to find federal funding and permitting information.

#funding #broadband

xISP news From Washington

Back in January of 2018, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced a proposal that could have allocated over $500 million toward the development of rural broadband internet lines. At the time, Pai said that closing the “digital divide” between rural and urban broadband was the FCC’s “top priority.

Broadband is expected to be part of the $2 trillion spending plan on infrastructure that President Donald Trump agreed to in a meeting with Democratic leaders. 

On Tuesday, Trump met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at the White House to begin discussions about a new infrastructure spending plan.

More than 106,000 rural homes and small businesses in 43 US states will get access to 25Mbps broadband at some point in the next decade thanks to a Federal Communications Commission policy change.