Cambium 450 16.1 release notes

System release 16.1 adds support for:

• Proportional Scheduler
This release introduces proportional scheduler that allocates resources to SMs proportional to their plan, even when traffic is congested
• Auto Contention Slots
This release introduces Auto Contention Slots that eliminates the need to configure optimal number of contention slots. When this feature is enabled, AP dynamically adjusts the number of contention slots resulting in improved uplink performance. • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Measurements
• EVM based Link Quality Indicator (LQI)
• Last Known Primary AP
• Follow Me
• 802.1x Proxy
• Layer 3 PVID Mapping
• Custom DHCP Option 82
• 802.1p VLAN0


Cambium announces CBRS SAS service for PMP 450

From their release

Cambium Networks is pleased to announce the commencement of the CBRS SAS Services, providing service in in the CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) spectrum (3.55 to 3.7 GHz). Support is offered on the PMP 450 series platforms utilizing the cnMaestro management system. 

There are several SAS System Administrators that are in operation today. Cambium Networks will work with three of them; Federated Wireless, Google and CommScope*. The operator will select one at the time of sign up via cnMaestro. The pricing to use these SAS Services is the same regardless of the provider.  Pricing will be $3 per Subscriber Module per month. (There is no charge for the Access Point).