Packets Down Range #14:Virgina Data Centers, more job cuts, Paypal breach

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Data Center News
Virginia makes it easier for Data Centers to build in their state. CyrusOne buys land in northern Virginia.

•Can a data center heat homes? QTS and others are putting this theory to the test in the Netherlands.


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ISP News
Comcast outs Verizon as the fastest least for now.

•At the same time Verizon has the best network quality, according to J.D. Power. For the 30th consecutive time, the latest J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study, Volume 1, names Verizon as the most awarded brand for Wireless Network Quality. Verizon has now earned more than 185 J.D. Power Awards for Network Quality, which is more than any other U.S. network provider in the history of this study.

unWired Broadband increases capacity in Laton, CA.

Vistabeam acquires Raicom. Benkelman, NE – As part of its mission to bridge the digital divide, Vistabeam is pleased to announce that on December 1, 2022, it acquired Raicom, the fixed wireless division of BWTelcom.

Sandvine talks about Internet traffic patterns and usage. The report, by Sandvine, says there was a 24% year-on-year increase in video traffic in H1 2022, alongside a 23% rise in overall Internet traffic, despite an end to pandemic-era lockdowns in many countries

Starry cuts more jobs

Kansas awards money to AT&T, Nex-Tech, and others.

Other Tech News

Google Lays off more workers.

•RouterOS Version 7.7 is out

ªLooking to upgrade your phone soon? You may want to hold off a bit for the new models.

Capital one lays off 1,100 Tech workers

Paypal Breach. PayPal is sending out data breach notifications to thousands of users who had their accounts accessed through credential stuffing attacks that exposed some personal data. Credential stuffing are attacks where hackers attempt to access an account by trying out username and password pairs sourced from data leaks on various websites.

Check out TowerOne Inc for all your tower and safe climbing needs. Tell them Packets Down Range sent you.

Photo of the Week

Mikrotik CCR getting ready to be turned up

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Packets Down Range #4: Security, Streaming & rate hikes,ARM processor news

Welcome to issue #4 of Packets Down Range. My name is Justin, and I’ll be your host. Highlights of this issue include acquisitions, arm processor news, Nanog elections, and more. . Since the last issue, I have registered If you have news or want to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact me.

Data Center News

Data Center Switch spending to actually increase. this jives with Companies, such as Arista, who are posting better-than-expected earnings.

•Would you run your data center at ninety degrees? Some data centers are exploring options to save water.

Install a data center in 6 hours

Interconnection & Peering
Wired has an article on underwater cables. In this article is a link to Subsea Cables FAQ. One of the most interesting is there are around 100 cable faults a year with undersea cables.

ISP News
Charter raises prices by $5

•Vistabeam acquires Front Range Internet.

Fastwyre expands its service. The combined company provides internet, phone, and video to customers in Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas

•No surprise here! Federal aid was abused by large telecoms and small ones as well.

•In the last edition, I talked about layoffs Verizon announced layoffs this past week.

Willie Howe schools us on Layer 3 vs Layer 3 Lite vs Layer 2+ Switches

Other Industry News
•Yet again, Europe imposes its will on the Internet. European laws are why we have all these annoying “Accept cookies” popups. They are the reason the iPhone is going to USB-c. Now they want to make the Internet more open.

Netflix acquires 6th Gaming studio

Nanog election results

Speeding up Fiber rollouts

•Starting February 1, 2023, ARIN will enforce 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all Arin Online accounts.

•Arm could change licensing to phase out CPU licensing. Could this affect Mikrotik?
Qualcomm claimed in its filing last week that Arm has already told at least one device maker that uses Qualcomm’s processors that it will need to obtain a “new direct license from Arm” in the future to use Arm-powered silicon. This new license will apparently require product manufacturers to pay royalties directly to Arm for every Arm-based device sold. If these makers do not accept the license, “they will be unable to obtain Arm-compliant chips from 2025 forward,” Qualcomm alleged.

Vertical Freedom movie is available on Apple Itunes. More information on the movie is at

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Industry Events

Let’s Talk broadband event on November 9th, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. Several vendors, folks from WISPA, and others are slated to attend.

Tech Items
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2022 breaks records.

•OpenSSL patch released.

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