LibreNMS syslog.ibd cleanup

Recently I ran into an issue where a librenms install was taking up a crazy amount of disk space. This was tracked down to the syslog.ibd file . Even thought I had set my options to be less than 10 days per this link I still was having a huge file.

Here is what I did to fix it. My root partition was too full to start MariaDB. I went into var and cleaned out enough log files to make space to start MariaDB. The following are tee commands I ran on CentOS 7 to fix it.

mysql -u username -p

Once at an MYSQL prompt after logging in I issued the following command to verify I could see my librenms database.

show databases;

The I issued

use dbname;

In may case it was “librenms”. Once connected to the database I ran the following command

DELETE FROM syslog WHERE timestamp < '2021-1-28 08:00:00';

This commands removes all syslog entries from the database before the date and time specified. In my case this was close to 40 GIG.

After I restarted MariaDB, ran and all was good.

WISP Tower leasing Resources

The following are leasing companies that I have worked with on securing vertical real-estate over the years. This is not a total list of tower companies. If you provide co-location services to Wireless ISPs and want to be included please reach out to me. Donations motivate me to update these lists. Ones with a Star next to them are WISP friendly from our dealings.

American Tower

Clearview Tower

Crown Castle

Heartland Tower

Insite Wireless


Melody Wireless

MidAmerica Towers

Nexus Towers


Subcarrier Communications

Tillman Infrastructure


Tower Ventures

Vertical Bridge

Wifi-enabled smart padlock

BoxLock is an internet-connected smart padlock that can be used for access control and securing any storage container that accepts a standard padlock. It’s simple to use BoxLock. With the mobile application on Android or iOS, BoxLock users can open the lock or share access by texting or e-mailing barcodes to friends and family for one-time use, multiple users or specific dates. Press the button on the top to scan a barcode. Each time a barcode is scanned your BoxLock connects to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to confirm whether or not it should open.This latest version of BoxLock incorporates security enhancements and improved battery life. BoxLock must be in range of a 2.4GHz WiFi network with an active internet connection for full functionality.